Website update: profiles, wishlists and a new COVID FAQ!


    General announcements
    29-10-2020 23:38
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Website update: profiles, wishlists and a new COVID FAQ!

As some of you may have noticed, our old COVID FAQ is no longer available on this new website. We felt that we still needed to inform you about the consequences COVID has for you as a customer, so we have re-added this section to our help center.

You can click the link above to be taken directly to the new FAQ!


We are hard at work to provide our customers a way to give us feedback or simply reacting to products without having to contact our customer service. A first step in this is of course making sure our customers can present themselves in a way they want on our website, be it in comments or when sharing their wishlists with friends.

We are happy to announce that you can now get started setting up your profile in your account dashboard! Simply click the link when you are prompted to create a profile, upload an avatar, choose a nickname and you are set!

When adding a product to your wishlist, you are also automatically given a profile with your first name as nickname. It is not possible to get the URL to a profile without you giving it out, or you would have to do quite a few guesses (over a thousand) to find a profile out of the blue.

You do of course have the option to set your profile as private, simply head over to your dashboard, click "Update profile" and uncheck the "Make my profile public" checkbox.


A feature a lot of our customers have been requesting is the possibility to be alerted when a product comes back into stock, and in hindsight this is a pretty crucial feature of our webshop.

From now on, you can click on "Add to wishlist" for any product in our webshop. You can also do this when a product is currently unavailable, and you will be alerted when it becomes available again!

We are still working on fine-tuning some of these features, so we'd humbly like to ask for your patience as we fine-tune these things for you!