Website update: comments and community guidelines

Website update: comments and community guidelines

Another week, another update. This week we have added a comment system to a lot of pages around the website, this is of course a next step after the profile system was introduced.

We hope that with this you'll be able to tell your fellow collectors, and of course us what you think about new products!

You can also comment on help pages, profiles and wishlists! If there is another page you'd like to be able to comment on then let us know in the comments!

Community guidelines

With great features, comes a great responsibility. And that responsibility is to ensure that everyone has a good time on our website.

To ensure this, we have introduced our community guidelines. Needless to say that by posting a comment you agree to these guidelines.

These guidelines will be enforced by Otaku Square employees such as myself, and generally boil down to: be nice, keep NSFW content to the NSFW categories and don't upload bad stuff.

What's next

What's next? Well, we are not too certain about that right now, as we have basically achieved what we wanted to do with these updates.

There is no doubt that they will be improved in the near future as more people starting using them.

The overall goal of these updates has been for us to get insight in what you think about our products, our website and most importantly us as a company, and strife to improve upon the feedback that we receive.

We foresee that for the time being, we will be improving more on our back-end to make notifications on topics such as delays and shipping a lot more informative.

If you have any suggestions, please do feel free to let us know by commenting!