New website launched!

As you may have noticed, our website has changed just ever so slightly. This is because after months of hard work, we have finally finished our new and improved website!

With these changes, we hope to improve your experience by making pages a lot more readable and navigable. As you may have noticed, all our pages are now provided with breadcrumbs for your leisure, and the general layout has been drastically improved.

News section

It may come as a surprise for you to learn that we have introduced a news section. We hope to use this section of our website to provide you with frequent updates on products, sales and some general announcements, such as this one!

The Help Center

Among the improvements is a new Help Center that we have redesigned from our old quirky FAQ system. The same information is there, only a lot more navigable and with some extra features for us to be able to quickly provide our customers with new information.

Your orders

You may be shocked to learn that your order history is now empty, but fear not! Simply click on the button "View older orders" in your order history to view orders placed before we launched this website.

We are currently working on migrating your orders over to our new system, this however takes some time. We currently aim to have your orders migrated within a few weeks. Until then, they'll be living in our old database but will of course be processed as usual!