Important information regarding your orders

Important information regarding your orders

As many of you will have noticed, there has been quite a bit of turmoil surrounding our way of handling orders, returns and status updates regarding pre-orders. With this news article we hope to inform you on what has happened, and how we are quite literally working around the clock to resolve these issues.

Order processing delays

During the month of August and October we experienced issues in our order processing system, this has caused many orders to simply not get processed and others to fall behind. We identified and resolved this issue in late October, since unfortunately this issue was able to fly under the radar for quite some time.

We understand that this is inexcusable, and have since processed many of the orders that were at the time not picked up and have implemented a back-up system in the event that an outage such as this one occurs again.

Status update issues

During the pandemic we experienced a huge increase in orders - and while this is a good development for us as a company - from a technical standpoint we were simply not ready for this. The system that handles our ETA updates is simply unable to keep up with everything that is currently going on, and to avoid creating further confusion we opted to turn this system off since it was sending out quite a lot of questionable delay notifications.

Our intention was to make major improvements on this system, and to then turn it back on. As you can probably guess, this has not happened yet but we are hard at work to launch a new section of your customer dashboard in which you can see exactly what reservations you have open with us, and within reasonable time offer you the ability to e.g. consolidate shipments and have items in storage with us so you can save on shipping costs.

We are currently still set on making this happen, and hope to launch this system within the coming two weeks.

So what now?

At this moment our customer service is getting swamped with messages about delayed orders, and we understand that your order is important to you. However we'd like to request that you hold off on contacting us about status updates until the 15th of November, at which date we hope to have migrated your orders to our new system and sent out a full overview of your reservations including an up-to-date ETA.

We understand that the last few weeks have been very frustrating, and we seek to rectify these issues as soon as possible.