What can cause a delay to occur?

Delays are unfortunately a fact of life for our products. A delay can caused by a number of factors such as licensing issues, production troubles or logistical delays.

Depending on the distribution scheme we use to sell a product, it can be hard for us to determine the exact nature of a delay up until the point where we take over in the logistical chain.

My ordered product(s) have already released in other shops, why has it not released at Otaku Square?

It is possible that a product you ordered releases quicker in Japan or other stores around the world. This basically depends on what distributor we use for a specific product.

For products where we are the distributor, releases can be expected within a month of release in the country of origin.

For products where we are not the distributor, this all depends on what steps a distributor has to take to get it into the European Union. This can be a lengthy process depending on certifications already received by the manufacturer (e.g. CE) or customs formalities.

What is the difference between Otaku Square being a distributor, and not being the distributor?
Most manufacturers have a set list of distributors in the European Union, most of which we co-operate with. The distributor acts as a middleman between retailers and the manufacturer. Sometimes Otaku Square acts as the distributor, but for figures this is rarely the case.

Most distributors do not directly sell to private customers.

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