Can I cancel my pre-order?

No, it is unfortunately not possible to cancel your pre-order under regular circumstances.

This is because upon pre-ordering, we create a special reservation for you with one of our suppliers or manufacturing partners. Once the reservation has been made, it can generally not be cancelled by us.

For special circumstances, please contact our customer service.

Why can I not cancel my pre-order, while another person could?

We review cancellation requests on a per-case basis.

It is possible that for similar circumstances a small fact can make us decide to honor, or not honor a cancellation request.

We always look at what's best in the interest of the customer. We feel that a stricter cancellation policy encourages customers to consider wether or not they can afford to pre-order.

My pre-order from a while ago was cancelled, will I be compensated for currency exchange rates?

No, we as a company work strictly with euros.

Your refund will be issued in euros, and converted to your local currency by your chosen payment processor. We have no control over what any amount of euros will convert to in your local currency.

Again, we encourage you to consider wether or not you want to commit to a pre-order.

Still have questions?

Our customer service is here to help you! We will try to respond to your questions within 24 hours.

Contact our customer service
Pre-order policy

The following policy extends or ammends our current terms of service.
Pre-order warranty
When pre-ordering, we offer no warranty whatsoever to your pre-order. It is possible that after pre-ordering we find out that we will not be able to fulfill your order. This usually happens within 48 hours. In the event that we are unable to fulfill a pre-order, both the customer and Otaku Square agree that the pre-order will be cancelled, unless the customer wants another product from our webshop of equal or less value (if the latter is the case, the remainder will be refunded.)

Pre-order shipment
Otaku Square strifes to dispatch pre-orders within 1 month after the product releases, this is however not always possible. In the event that a pre-order is dispatched late, we will inform you in a timely fashion (within 48 hours). Dependant on the situation (differs per supplier) we may offer a refund if possible from our side, and desired from the customer. If this is not possible, then we can unfortunately not offer a refund.

Pre-order cancellation
When you place a pre-order, we will create a special reservation with the manufacturer or supplier for you. Because of this it is currently not possible for us to cancel a pre-order. We do hope to offer this possibility in the future.

Pre-order confirmation
You will receive a standard order confirmation and invoice after pre-ordering. You will also receive an notification per e-mail when your pre-order has been shipped from our supplier to us, in addition to an e-mail as soon as we ship the item to you, in most cases including a track and trace code. For safety and security reasons we can not supply a track and trace code of the product in transit to our address.